Rock Paper Scissors & Bonus FFL!

Rock, Paper, Scissors, aaaargh!

BONUS: Charlie Sheen Rap (Language not safe for work)

Friday Fun Fact: About a month ago my wife started complaining about dirty dishes coming out of our automatic dishwasher. I had to agree… drinking water out of plastic cups tasted like soap. The dishes were getting clean–but it was like a “film” was building up on them–like the rinse cycle was bad? In the past, I have seen dishes not be so clean–this is usually because water pressure is low and the fix is to tear the bottom part out of the washer and clear out any debris from all the ports, screens, filters, etc. Put it all back together and the dishwasher works like new. As long as you are careful to not put any “debris” in the washer to begin with–you should never have to do this–but it seems like every three or so years it probably should be done regardless.

This time–my water pressure is fine… I just cleaned the dishwasher a few months ago and everything seems to be working fine. I have always used expensive automatic dishwasher detergent–“Cascade Complete”–so it wasn’t because I had switched detergents or anything? I was stumped… so I headed to the internet. Well, guess what–turns out a few months ago a few states banned phosphates from automatic dish-washing detergent. All of the major manufactures have eventually taken phosphates out of their detergents nation-wide (including Cascade). This can cause major problems if you live in a hard-water state (midwest)–see map. Thanks, hippies. The solution? I have read a few… adding vinegar to the washer before you start it, buying phosphates from Lowes and adding it to the detergent, or try to find a good phosphate free detergent. I have only tried one solution so far and it has worked… I switched to Finish Quantum and my dishes are as clean as a whistle and everything no longer tastes like soap. The end.


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